Her Journey

This white boy legit has her future in his hands.

Of course Jessica is going to be hella suspicious. He’s too good to be true, handsome, considerate, and gets along with her little boy. Really, he simply makes her life as a single Black mom in the city even easier.

But he can’t be that perfect… right?

Jessica has been hurt—her heart beaten—too many times to count. She’s put her career, her life, and the happiness of her little boy on the belief that Mike is a good man.

But is he gonna come through?

Is he going to break her heart and walk away like others? Or is he going to treat Jessica like the powerful Black queen she is, do right by her, and make her his forever?

Discover what happens in this sensual interracial romance! Part of the Sistaz Club series!

**Previously titled: Jessica's Journey.**

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