The Actor's Fake Fiancé

Sydney and Nathan are about to take on the acting role of their lives!

See, she’s one of the most successful Black agents in the Hollywood game. And her star client, Nathan Philips, owes her his career. They’re both beautiful people but they’ve avoided a lot of the pitfalls that a gorgeous Black woman and rugged white man face when working together in the entertainment industry. That is until one day when rumors start that Nathan and Sydney secretly married. Who even started these rumors?

Well, turns out it was Sydney’s son!

Now Sydney’s firm sees potential. They make it clear that they want her to capitalize on the gossip and she’s to go along with the rumor to promote one of Nathan’s upcoming movies. They tell her its either this or her job.

She picks her job, but will Nathan pick her?

To protect their reputations, are they gonna lean into the gossip storm? Or bow out of its way? And what happens when they have to act in love for work but then it becomes more difficult to pretend they’re pretending. Could true love and real feelings get any more complicated?

Discover what happens in this hilarious BWWM romance!

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