The Doctor's Fake Fiancé

Dante’s dream job is in Seattle. But he’s got one problem.

He’s a bit of a loose cannon. And a player. You know the kind of guy that takes a different girl home every night? Yeah that’s Dante. His pretty white boy face has him breaking all the hearts. But now he needs to settle down if he wants everything he’s worked so hard for. When his dog needs a little TLC, he takes him to the local vet hospital...

And ends up proposing to the doctor!

Well, maybe proposing isn’t the right word. Instead he asks her to fake marry him.

That’s not a code Red, that’s called a code W-T-F.

It’s supposed to be a strictly business arrangement with no strings attached. But you know how these things go when you put a handsome white boy and a Black queen together. You start getting sparks. But with all these lies going dry, will Dante and Nia’s sparks light everything on fire?

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