The Bodyguard's Fake Fiancé

Release Date: March 18, 2023
Series: UnReal Marriage #12
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He wasn’t just hired to protect her. He was hired to marry her!

Grey Jackson is a very big star with a very small amount of privacy. This sucks! Why get rich and famous if the paparazzi are gonna be all up in your business and look for ways to trip you up? So her agent, Samantha, comes up with an idea.

Hire a bodyguard to also pretend to be her husband!

At first, Grey is like hell no! But then she looks at the tall, strong, white man named Travis with the broad shoulders and she’s like okay sure! She and Travis are going to give it a try.

But Travis isn’t a celebrity. He’s just a guy. With worries.

He doesn’t want to lie in front of all those cameras. He doesn’t want to have his whole life broadcasted through the world–especially if he’s lying. But he needs the money and Grey assures him that no one will find out.

At first it’s just a job. But then it becomes real.

But what happens when the world finds out that these two with real feelings now started out fake? Will their love be strong enough to survive it?

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