The Developer's Fake Fiancé

Release Date: March 18, 2023
Series: UnReal Marriage #11
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Can fake love heal a real heartbreak?

Jazmine was supposed to be the professional, but she was upset, so when this fine white boy asked her what was wrong that she told him everything. How her ex was trying to get custody of her adopted daughter. And how the only way she could head stop him was to get married and settle down. So what did Nathan propose?

To get fake married, of course!

Crazy right? What's crazier is that Jazmine took one look at his beautiful eyes and smokin’ body and said YES. Then, before you know it, they’ve moved in together.

But Jazmine’s ex isn’t giving up that easily.

He’s got a suspicion that the feelings between Nathan and Jaz aren’t real and he’s determined to pull every trick in the book to expose them and take Jazmine’s daughter away. Forever. The only way Jaz and Nathan will be able to win against him is by developing real feelings. Fast.

Will they succeed?

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