The Producer's Fake Fiancé

Angela needs a husband and Micah needs money. Seems like a match! Maybe...

Now, Micah’s not lazy and looking for a sugar momma. His whole life is spent helping lower income folks at a soup kitchen. So he’s simply super duper broke and needs the money to support his charity.

Plus he is so fine! With a capital F!

Angela needs a husband for a reality TV show. She was married but her husband died and she never told anyone at work of his passing. How the hell is she supposed to tell them now—years later—that it’s just her and her daughter? That’d be a hella awkward conversation, right?!

This is a bad situation and Angela thinks that only lying can fix things.

What happens when a poor but beautiful white boy gets into a fake marriage with a gorgeous Black woman who has all the money? He brings happiness back into their lives. But what are they gonna do when the snakes at work start to tear away at their idyllic life? Are they close enough to fight back? Or will they fall apart and lose it all?

Discover what happens by one-clicking this sensually sweet BWWM romance!

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